Bailey Fish Adventures and Mudd Saves the Earth

A Bailey Fish Adventure

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What Could Go Wrong? (Amazon)

What Could Go Wrong?

Bailey Fish AdventuresBailey Fish still has mixed feelings about her mother’s marriage to Dr. Andrew Snorge-Swinson (Bug Man) when she and her grandmother, Sugar, travel from Lake Anna, Virginia, to Costa Rica. They are warmly welcomed to Hacienda Marie, where the wedding will take place on a hillside. Everything seems perfect, so what could go wrong? Although Bailey keeps her feelings to herself, she’s shocked that Bug Man’s sons, Fendol and Archie, want to stop the wedding for their own reasons and expect her to help. Just what are these boys up to during Bailey and Sugar’s adventures on a scary river trip? Will the wedding happen as planned?

Nonfiction elements: The story of John Mercer Langston, a famous black American, volcanoes, Costa Rican wildlife, and plantations there and in Virginia.

Here’s an excerpt. Don’t miss the excitement of the whole book!

The splashing and shouting woke up the crocodile they had passed only moments earlier. It slipped off the bank into the water and headed toward the canoe. . . . Bailey saw that the first crocodile was now closer and another huge on had opened its mouth really wide. . .

Reader comments:

“The best yet!” Julie Franks
“Loved it. Hope this isn’t the end of the series.” A. Gratkey

Sample discussion question:

On the river boat trip Bailey realizes that her soon-to-be stepbrothers are bullies. Can you name five things they do in the book that are really mean? Which do think was the worst? Why?

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