Bailey Fish Adventures and Mudd Saves the Earth

Bailey Fish Adventures and Mudd Saves the Earth

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Earthquake Surprise

Silver AwardBook 9 in the Bailey Fish Adventure series begins in Bailey’s middle school during math. Suddenly a thundery rumble is heard and the building shakes. Frightened students and teachers quickly evacuate the

brick building and learn that they have experienced a 5.8 magnitude earthquake.

There is also damage to Bailey’s grandmother’s house, neighboring Keswick Inn, and around the community. When Bailey and her grandmother, Sugar, clean up the mess in the house they discover a book about Henry Box Brown, a runaway slave born in Louisa County (near the present-day epicenter), who shipped himself to freedom in a box.

They also discover items that lead them to believe that Sugar’s house was involved in the Underground Railroad. Surprises continue with the arrival of unexpected visitors, who pose problems for Bailey.


Here's an excerpt from the book: Don't miss the excitement of the whole adventure!

It was the longest bus ride home. Ever!
       Even though the afternoon sun was hot, Bailey shivered as she slid into her seat. It felt strange not to have her heavy book bag filling her lap. Her books and homework were still at school. There had been no time to get them, or her art project, when the brick middle school was evacuated.
      First the loud, scary noise. Then the desks shook violently in her lower-level classroom, then the walls. Books, a TV, and a gray filing cabinet fell. Bailey clung to her desk and stared at her substitute teacher, who looked puzzled, then fearful. Mrs. Welton steadied herself as the floor felt like a wave passed under it. The students were too surprised to scream. Then they heard the fire alarm, the signal to get outside.

Earthquake Surprise

On the porch of The Hermitage, Linda Salisbury
discusses her panorama similar to the one
commissioned by fugitive slave Henry Box Brown.

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To read Box Brown’s narrative on-line: (to learn more about the Underground Railroad)


2007 Forida Publishers Association Award

Linda Salisbury was awarded a silver medal in the Florida Authors and Publishers 2013 President’s Book Awards. She is pictured with Mark Wayne Adams, vice president, and Chris Angermann, president.




Reader Comments

“Your presentation was fabulous! As a teacher, I really appreciated how you shared your writing process with my students. I also love that your books present messages of kindness and understanding in a gentle way. And as a resident of this incredible Earth on which we live, I love the book, “Mudd Saves the Earth” that you gifted to me. I love how you have presented the “Save the Earth” messages in such a delightful and approachable way. Cow diapers. Socks instead of plastic bags? I love it!
Thank you so much for writing such wonderful literature for children (that is also enjoyed by adults!).”
--Judy Fitzpatrick (fourth-grade teacher at Short Pump Elementary School. The PTA purchased copies of Earthquake Surprise for every student in the school, then Linda Salisbury was invited to speak to all the classes over a two-day period about writing.)