Bailey Fish Adventures and Mudd Saves the Earth

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Treasure in Sugar's Book Barn (Amazon)

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Treasure in Sugar’s Book Barn

Silver Award

Eric Hoffer Finalist

Book eight in the series is filled with surprises. First, Bailey and her

best friends, Noah and Fred Keswick, learn that her grandmother, Sugar, wants to open a used-book store in an unused little barn at Keswick Inn. Even before the shop opens, a mysterious stranger arrives seeking books by a certain author. Meanwhile, the Keswicks surprise the kids with the arrival of rescue horses, and Bailey and Miss Bekka, the boys’ mother plan a surprise for Sugar at the Book Barn’s grand opening.

Eric Hoffer Finalist

As Noah and Fred Keswick help Bailey and Sugar unpack the many cartons of books, they discover books containing a series of clues and an unusual Florida shell that lead them to the treasure.

Treasure in Sugar's Book Barn

The nonfiction elements include information about horses belonging to famous historical Americans, such as Thomas Jefferson, Florida shells, and rescue horses.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:
Don’t miss the excitement of the whole adventure:

In the back of the first aisle labeled mysteries and travel, Noah and Fred were examining a book.

“Hey, Bailey, take a look at this. It’s another one of those hollow books, and this one has a picture of a seashell in it and this little paper with letters on it,” said Noah.

“What kind of shell?” asked Bailey.

“We’ve never seen one like it before,” said Fred. “Here. See if you can figure it out.” He pulled the papers from his pocket and handed them to Bailey.

Bailey studied the picture. The shell seemed to be about three inches high and it was shaped like an ice cream cone. It was white with rows of brown marks that looked like ancient hieroglyphics.

Treasure in Sugar's Book Barn

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Sample discussion question:

When the mysterious customer comes into the Sugar’s bookstore the first time, what did you think she was looking for? What did you think, at first, was hidden in the Cowrie books?

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