Bailey Fish Adventures and Mudd Saves the Earth

Bailey Fish Adventures and Mudd Saves the Earth

The Bailey Fish Adventures educate as they entertain

Linda Salisbury speaks to librarians at teachers at
Longwood University’s Summer Literacy Institute,
July 2013, about using “show-and-tell” experiences
to enhance reading interest. Students in the Library
Media Education graduate program were combined
with a class for the graduate program. As Wendy
Green explains, “We read (Salisbury’s) works and
presented them using Literature Circle roles.”


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AR questions for all the books are available free by e-mailing Linda Salisbury at

Wild WomenNo Sisters Club The Mysterious Jamestown Suitcase Trouble in Contrary WoodsCaptain CalliopeTeasure in Sugar's Book Barn

Guides are now available for books 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8.

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Linda Salisbury reads Mudd Saves the Earth to students in Austin, Texas.

Linda Salisbury reads Mudd Saves the Earth to students in Austin, Texas. Author Linda Salisbury presents two days
of programs at West Elementary in Andover,
The students at our school thoroughly enjoyed reading Mrs. Salisbury's books! Her passion for writing and reading was very motivating. Her presentation allowed the students to understand the writing process and encouraged the students to want to write more! ―Melissa Geertson, reading specialist, Margaret Brent Elementary, Stafford, Virginia  


Linda Salisbury has been author of the year at a number of schools, such as Lightfoot Elementary in Orange County, Virginia and has been invited to participate at book discussion programs, such as a Mother / Daughter Book group at Salem Church Library in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Below, one of the girls models the spy's hat.



"Our students, parents and staff are still buzzing about your wonderful visit.  Thanks so much for coming to Crestwood. It was a terrific experience!" Carol Cardwell, reading specialist

"The librarian was really excited about your willingness to come to school. Would you be our author of the year?" Susan Campbell, Stafford Middle School

"I was really excited when I came home and started reading your books. I actually met
with my principal today and we are interested in ordering some class
sets of your books. I am very excited to finish reading your books and to hear from you.  Thank you." Leta Romeo, teacher, Kate Waller Barrett Elementary

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Author Linda Salisbury makes frequent presentations at schools. Her books are used in classrooms and home schools around the nation.

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Sample questions from Teacher’s Guide
to The Mysterious Jamestown Suitcase (#4)

Alternative Assessments

Language Arts/ Writing and performing
Have students write and perform a skit, depicting Sparrow’s life after the First Laugh Party. Students must show the changes in Sparrow’s attitude and personality, and her relationships with others.

Final Evaluation

Put these sentences in the correct order.
____ The Phiggs’ van breaks down.
____ Elmo Jr. runs away from Keswick Inn.
____ Sugar falls and hurts herself.

Enrichment Activities

Plan a First Laugh Party for your class. Have students volunteer to perform skits or songs that will make the class laugh. Offer a prize for the winner.

Skill Sheets: Predicting Outcomes

Emily and Bailey disagreed about copying homework. Do you think they will have this argument again? Why or why not? What do you think will happen?

Spelling Unit #3

Use each compound word in a sentence. Underline the compound word. You should write 6 sentences.

Comprehension Questions Chapter 5

  1. What gift did Mr. Phigg give to Bailey? How do you know that Bailey liked it?
  2. How does Mr. Phigg create the characters for his stories?
  3. What is Mr. Phigg’s book about?
  4. How does Dr. Robinson help Mr. Phigg?
  5. Who is Poochie? What happened to her?
  6. Why did Sugar write NMH in her diary when she was Bailey's age?

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