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Snooper Dude's Secret (Amazon)

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Snooper Dude’s Secret

Book 10 begins as the holidays approach and a major snowstorm hits Lake Anna, Virginia. Bailey and her friends—Fred, Noah and Sparrow Keswick, and Bailey’s half-sister Norma Jean—have new problems to solve. One friend has an accident, a neighbor, Justin, shares worrisome news, and mysterious guests arrive at Keswick Inn. What is their secret? Who is Snooper Dude?
    Snow is a new experience for Bailey, who spent her first eleven years in Florida with her mother, Molly. She enjoys the fun snow activities that she learns from her grandmother, Sugar. Meanwhile, Bailey is not happy about an announcement from her mother, who is living and working in Costa Rica. However, Bailey and her friends are more concerned about helping a family in need, and they discover how generosity can multiply.
    Like all the books in the series, there are nonfiction elements, a glossary, discussion questions and in this one, material about George Washington and the Founding Fathers.

Snooper Dude's Secret

Here's an excerpt from the book: Don't miss the excitement of the whole adventure!  

    After everyone had worked on answers to Bailey’s Thanksgiving quiz, Noah and Fern were the first to turn in their answers.
    Meanwhile Bailey could see Sugar and Miss Bekka setting the apple, pumpkin and pecan pies, and chocolate, coconut and lemon cakes on the kitchen table. There was also an assortment of cookies and a dish of salted nuts, a large bowl of whipped cream, and Flora’s special dessert.
    “Five minutes,” called Miss Bekka. “Hope y’all saved plenty of room.”
    “That’s not much time,” said Paul Fish. “But Martha and I’ll be ready. We think we have the correct answers.”
    “What the—?"said Justin, who had refused to participate. Bailey saw him press his nose against the window and peer out. She wondered what he saw, but nobody paid any attention even when he loudly said, “Mr. Will, come see what’s going on! Hurry!”
    Justin left the window seat and pushed his way to the kitchen to find Will Keswick.
    Sparrow gave all the quiz sheets to Bailey, then hurriedly wheeled out of the living room and down the hall to her bedroom. Bailey wondered what she was up to. Soon Sparrow was back, a big shiny object—in full view in her lap.
    “They’re gone,” she said. “I was going to give it back.”
    “Gone is right. They just drove off without turning on their headlights,” said Justin. “I tried to tell you.”

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