Bailey Fish Adventures and Mudd Saves the Earth

Mudd Saves the Earth

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2010 Silver Medal for Best Children's FictionTied for second place, 2010 Silver Medal for Best Children's Fiction in the Florida Publishers Association's 2010 President's Book Award Contest.

Mudd Saves the Earth:
Booger Glue, Cow Diapers, and other Good Ideas

Mudd is on a mission to save the Earth with his best friends Art and Pie. He lives with Auntie Pine, Uncle Foozle, and their renter Marshmallow. Those aren’t their real names but that’s what Mudd calls Mudd - Art - Piethem. Auntie Pine tells Mudd every day that it up to him and all other kids to recycle, reuse, and reduce to save the planet.

Mudd and his friends really want to help, but their “good” ideas, such as recycling boogers into glue, often backfire. With gentle humor, the author explores environmental issues—recycling, global warming, saving trees and wild animals, water pollution, littering— in kid terms, and provides tips at the end of each chapter on what they can really do to help save the Earth.

Mudd is illustrated by cartoonist Joe Kohl, whose work has appeared in numerous publications.


An excerpt from “Cow Diapers”

“How are you going to put diapers on the cows?” Art asked me.

I hadn’t thought about that. In fact, I’d never been on the same side of a fence as a cow.

“We’ll need to distract them,” I said, after mushing the problem about in Mooeymy brain for three minutes. Art and Pie waited. Finally Art said, “How?”

“We’ll show them a movie. While they’re watching it, we’ll sneak up behind them and zappo! We’ll slap those diapers on and fasten sticky tabs to hold them in place,” I said.

“What movie?” asked Pie.

“Probably a cartoon. Bugs Bunny or something about a farm. Nothing scary,” I said. “When cows get scared, they stampede. They’ll run everywhere.”

Sample activity for what kids can do to save the Earth:
Pick up bottles and cans in your neighborhood and put them in the right recycling bins.

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Reader Comments

“It’s a hoot!” David Black

“Mudd’s endearing,” Julie Franklin

“Your presentation was fabulous! As a teacher, I really appreciated how you shared your writing process with my students. I also love that your books present messages of kindness and understanding in a gentle way. And as a resident of this incredible Earth on which we live, I love the book, “Mudd Saves the Earth” that you gifted to me. I love how you have presented the “Save the Earth” messages in such a delightful and approachable way. Cow diapers. Socks instead of plastic bags? I love it!
Thank you so much for writing such wonderful literature for children (that is also enjoyed by adults!).”
--Judy Fitzpatrick (fourth-grade teacher at Short Pump Elementary School. The PTA purchased copies of Earthquake Surprise for every student in the school, then Linda Salisbury was invited to speak to all the classes over a two-day period about writing.)




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